Dance Marathon Personal Montage!


DM 2012

After being every leadership position that Dance Marathon had to offer, I didn’t know where to go from there. It was always my plan to continue all four years but I wasn’t so sure anymore. I wanted to give some more time to my fraternity since I was just elected president and I was not sure if I could balance both. So, to the chagrin of Julia and Mark (who were being Directors once again), I decided to hand the position over to one of my stellar AD’s, Becca. She is doing an amazing job right now and I couldn’t be happier with my decision.

Over the summer I worked at Embrace Kids Foundation as a Summer Sibling. I wanted to be closer to the program and to the kids who we were raising money for, so my internship allowed me to spend every day in Robert Wood Johnson and the Cancer Institute of New Jersey. I met some remarkable people, hear some heart warming stories, and comforted some families during tough times. In the video below, you can see some of what the program is about (including a cameo of me!)

After this program commenced, I knew that I needed to be involved once again. I decided that I would pledge to dance the full 32 hours, the one thing I had not done since I first decided to join DM. I knew that no matter what I was faced with during those 32 hours, it was absolutely nothing compared to what many of these children face on a daily basis. The marathon is only 3 weeks away at this point so I will keep my readers updated with my progress. At the moment, I have raised $315, only $35 away from my goal. I need all of your help to make it! My plan to dance will not change no matter what. I have recently been going to physical therapy (and may need surgery) for a partially torn MCL, a few torn menisci, and a bone bruise in my left knee, but I will still be there, standing on my crutches if need be. Please be there will me, physically or in spirit as I dance FTK! I hope to see you there and I will keep you updated with my progress =]

RUDy Marathon

Dance Marathon 2011

DM 2010 came and went. I knew I was going to miss a lot of the people who were role models for me in the past year, but I didn’t let that get me down. Instead, I looked towards the future. I decided freshman year that I would not stop until I became a director, so i did just that. I entered the interview for Director of Recruitment with confidence. Kevin, Christina, and Rabieh were graduating, and Danielle wanted to go for Community Outreach so I figured I was home free.

This was the new Board of Directors for 2011!

My dream finally came to fruition and I was notified of my achievement. I was to be the new Director of Recruitment. Ever since I first met Tom K, my first year as a captain, I knew that this was to be my future, and I finally made it. The rest of my Board of Directors (or BOD) was stacked with talent. Danielle did get the position of Community Outreach Director. Also, there was Julia (Volunteer Management), Mark (Finance), Elizabeth (Entertainment), Aaron (catering), and Josh (Operations). We, the board of directors, worked on a consensus based system, only approving administrative decisions if the vote was unanimous. This was very taxing at times but proved to be a great learning experience for me. We operated like a well oiled engine and we saw massive leaps and bounds while we were holding the reigns.

This is the new Central Planning team (along with the BOD) for 2011!

My new team was made up of 3 awesomely dedicated individuals. It was convenient that Recruitment always got the most excited people for our team because we needed as much excitement as possible to fill up the gym. On my team I had Becca, Kristen, and Johnny. Each one of them had 4-5 captains also making presentations around campus. We met once a week for a few hours and for the rest of the time, they were free to finish their tasks without much bother from me.

Needless to say, we did break a number of recruiting records again and we had an awesome marathon. If asked what my favorite memory of Rutgers has been these past four years, this marathon would easily win. We ran a flawless event with tours, great food, a marriage proposal, silly bandz in the shape of FTK (for the kids), an exclusive radio interview with a number of the members of the BOD and CPT, and even more money raised for the Embrace Kids Foundation than the year before. All in all, it was a remarkable experience and I had no idea how the next year could possibly beat it.